October 17, 2022

Introducing UpMeet 3.0

What's New

UpMeet is the next-generation video conferencing and collaboration solution. UpMeet 3.0 adds improvements like faster loading times, whiteboards, advanced support guides and widgets. UpMeet is an excellent alternative to Zoom, Google Meet and Whereby. It is also more cost-effective than any other platform.

Our new website

With UpMeet 3.0 we have launched a completely redesigned brand and website to match our core values. This exciting change has been in the works for weeks and with the help with Buildcamp (who helped us make a logo and new website). We are so excited to migrate everyone to this new experience within the next few weeks.

UpMeet Whiteboards

Boards are a quick disposible whiteboard to share idea's with your team. You have the option to export whiteboards as a png, jpg or svg to share at a later time with your team. This will open up opportunities for people to explain visually and share great ideas.

Get Help from your call

If anyone needs help during a call they can simply press the "Help" button located on the left side of the call. You will have resources like: Help Docs, Live Chat, System Status and more! This widget can be used by hosts or partcipants on any UpMeet plan or room.

New Notion Integration

As Notion becomes more popular we have added a new widget that allows you to join a meeting in one click. This can be added to any Notion page in multiple sizes and configurable settings!

Still more to come

By the end of December 2022 we have some more exciting updates to share with you which will make your experience even better. Keep an eye 👀 out for those updates in the blog!